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False Alarm Ordinance Information
Information for Alarm Users - False Alarm Prevention Tips

For Residents

Before turning on your alarm system when leaving…

  • Make sure all alarmed doors and windows are locked.
  • Keep pets, balloons, fans, heaters, plants, curtains, decorations from motion sensor areas.
  • Educate everyone who has legal access to your home such as family members, key holders or domestic help.
  • All users should be properly trained in how to operate your system, including knowledge of correct arming codes, passwords, telephone numbers and cancellation procedures for accidental activations.

Notify your security company if…

  • Your system is not working properly
  • You plan to remodel or install new wiring of any kind (telephone, DSL, VoIP, etc.)
  • You hire domestic help, get a new pet, or plan to sell your house.
  • Before you test your system.

Have your security company check and service regularly, at least once or twice a year.

Contact the Fayetteville Police Alarm Coordinator and your alarm company when you have name or telephone number changes, plan to move, or an authorized key holder needs to be changed.

For Businesses

  • Make sure all employees are thoroughly trained before attempting to use the alarm system!
  • Hold monthly training sessions to ensure everyone (including temporary help) is aware of how to use the alarm system and proper entry/exit procedures.
  • Service and maintain your system on a regular basis. This includes batteries.
  • Don’t use silent hold up alarms to summon police when dealing with customers causing a disturbance or similar situations when you are able to call 911.
  • If you have private security that confirms that an alarm activation is false, there is no need to dispatch police. Please discuss this with your alarm monitoring company.

When your alarm system is maintained and used properly it makes a great tool for deterring crime, something everyone wants in the end!

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Information for Alarm Users

Access Police
False Alarm Account


For more information, please contact the False Alarm Unit using any of the following methods:
Phone: 910-433-1037
Fax: 910-433-1799
Contact False Alarms Unit

To access your Police False Alarm Account online and to review a copy of the City’s False Alarm Ordinance, click here

More False Alarm Prevention Tips for Alarm Users of all types.

Consumer Tips
We are a member of the False Alarm Reduction Association. This website provides a wealth of information for all types of alarm users. Take time to look, particularly if you are considering purchasing an alarm system!


 Concerned about an alarm company?
Contact the NC Alarm Licensing Board and Private Protective Services website.

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 NC Department of Justice
Visit the NC Attorney General's website for information regarding complaints and concerns about a business you may be dealing with.



North Carolina Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, Inc.
Visit the Organization of Alarm Industry Companies and Individuals.

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