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Business Programs

Business Watch: Call 433-1033, 433-1034

Business WatchThis program unites business within close proximity of each other so they may alert others of suspicious activity/persons, or crime trends in the area. Business Watch has had great success in combating crime through communication between local business owners. To learn how to begin a Business Watch in your area contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Business Security Survey: Call 433-1033, 433-1034

The Fayetteville Police Department offers free business security surveys to businesses in Fayetteville. A Crime Prevention Specialist will offer crime prevention advice on locks, lighting, landscaping, etc., to make your business less attractive to criminals. To schedule a survey at your business contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Robbery Prevention & Personal Safety Presentations: Call 433-1033, 433-1034

A Crime Prevention Specialist is available to speak with your employees about robbery prevention and personal safety. These presentations will educate your employees on how to avoid becoming a victim of a robbery and what to do in the event they are robbed. To schedule a presentation for your employees contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Operation ID: Call 433-1034, 433-1033

Operation Identification is a program involving all citizens and designed to discourage burglary and theft by permanently identifying valuables in homes and businesses by engraving, photographing, and recording serial numbers and descriptions. Stickers are issued to participants so that would-be thieves know that the property in your business has been inventoried. Should your business be broken in, despite all efforts you have taken, the property inventory provides the necessary information for a detailed police report. The property inventory list will greatly assist the Police in recovering your property. To receive Property Inventory Forms and participate in Operation ID contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Park Smart: Call 433-1033, 433-1034 Park Smart Poster

Park Smart posters display a checklist reminding citizens to properly secure their car while inside a business. They are available to local businesses in Fayetteville through the Police Department to display at their entrance, while supplies last.


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