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Citizen Complaint Information

The Office of Professional Standards and Inspections is a fact finding internal investigation unit. OPS&I is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police. OPS&I has the authority and responsibility to initiate an investigation into citizen complaints of employee misconduct and performance.

OPS&I will take complaints during normal working hours and refer the complainant to the appropriate supervisor if the complaint is regarding an employee that is on duty. If the employee is not on duty, the complaint will be documented and forwarded to the appropriate supervisor for further investigation.

Generally, it is the responsibility of the first line supervisor to investigate citizen complaints involving their personnel. OPS&I will conduct internal investigations into serious allegations of misconduct as well as conduct investigations that would be too lengthy or time consumer for a line supervisor to investigate.

To view the Fayetteville Police Department’s Policy covering complaint’s procedures you can click on the following link, G.O. 3.2. (
In addition to complaints, the Fayetteville Police Department also accepts compliments from the public. Information related to compliments can help identify how the Fayetteville Police Department can better serve the public.

How to file a complaint/compliment:
Complaints or compliments can be made in person, by phone, in writing, or through this website. All complaints to include anonymous complaints are accepted and reviewed with follow up activity to be assigned to the appropriate personnel. Keep in mind that if you file a complaint anonymously, we will not be able to follow up with you on your complaint.

To make a complaint or a compliment, you can do the following:

  • Send a letter to:
    Fayetteville Police Department
    Office of Professional Standards and Inspections
    467 Hay Street
    Fayetteville, NC 28301-5565
  • Call the Office of Professional Standards and Inspections at (910) 433-1820.
  • Call the on-duty Watch Commander at:
    • (910) 433-1830 for the Cambellton District
    • (910) 433-1827 for the Cross Creek District
  • You can also fill out the form below to email the Office of Professional Standards and Inspections.

After you have completed the form, please click the ""Send Message"" button only once. If your message was successfully received, you will be returned to this page and a message stating that your message was sent will be displayed.

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