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Date Released Subject
9/27/2010 Police, Citizens Work Together in Repeat Offender Arrests
9/24/2010 Long Arm of Law Extending Through Social Media
9/24/2010 Police Encourage Citizens to Dunk the Chief for Charity
9/10/2010 Repeat Offenders Continue to Victimize Citizens
9/10/2010 Break-ins Made Easy By Unsecure Vehicles
9/10/2010 Police Department Welcomes New Attorney
9/9/2010 Drug Bust Includes Arrest of Accused Murderer
9/9/2010 Nationally Acclaimed Movie Night Continues
9/9/2010 World Renowned Homicide Expert Teaching in Fayetteville
9/8/2010 Mobilizing Checkpoint Renders Success
9/7/2010 Chiefs Strong Anti-Prostitution Measures Continue
9/7/2010 Man Charged with Numerous Thefts Attempts to Flee
9/3/2010 Aggressive Traffic Operation Keeps Offenders Guessing
8/27/2010 Violent Fugitive Task Force Captures Several Robbery Suspects
8/27/2010 Police Issue Warning to Speeders
8/25/2010 Charges Filed Against Suspect in Officer Shooting
8/20/2010 Police Continue Prostitution Stings
8/20/2010 Police Arrest Surveillance Cam Poser
8/18/2010 Nixle Tips Pour in at Rapid Rate
8/18/2010 Multiple Prostitution Stings Keep Lawbreakers Guessing
8/18/2010 Citizens Continue Strong Presence at Anti-Crime Meetings
8/17/2010 Police Excited About Increased Community Participation
8/17/2010 Police Seek Attention-Starved Subject for Questioning
8/16/2010 Police Warn of Peeping Tom in Zone 21
8/16/2010 Suspicious Activity in the Murchison Road Area

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