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Holiday Travel and Homeland Security Tips

As the holiday season approaches, many Fayetteville residents are making preparations to travel.  The Fayetteville Police Department would like to remind our citizens of things they should look out for when traveling by bus, plane, or train.  It is up to travelers to assist security in detecting suspicious activity.


Citizens should notify appropriate personnel or security if they notice any of the following:

o       Unattended or suspicious luggage and packages in the passenger compartments, lavatory, engine compartment or waiting areas. 

o       Anyone who does not appear to work for the company entering a restricted area.

o       Any suspicious activity.

o       Comments or conversations that is suspicious in nature.

o       Anyone tampering with a bus or train that does not appear to work for the company.


Travelers should also be aware of the following personal safety issues:

o        Leave an itinerary and contact information with family and friends.

o        When traveling outside of the U.S. research safety precautions you should take in other countries.

o        Never travel alone.

o        Do not take case, use credit cards and traveler’s checks.

o        Leave expensive jewelry at home.

o        Keep your luggage in sight at all times.

o        Be aware of the emergency plans for any mode of transportation you choose.


For more information on Homeland Security or travel safety, visit .




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