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Retail Safety Tips

Retail Safety Tips


There have been recent robberies of businesses; including convenience stores, pharmacies, fast-food restaurants, and other businesses. These robberies are inherently dangerous for both the employees and customers. As a result, the Fayetteville Police Department would like to provide the public and local businesses with some safety tips to help prevent crime, protect the public, and solve the crime after it has occurred. We have broken down the tips for employees, managers, and customers.


Remember, it is better to lose money instead of a life.


Clerk Safety Tips

  • Make an effort to make eye contact and greet everyone that enters the store.
  • Be alert and watchful and if you see something/someone suspicious... call 911.
  • If there is an unsafe situation, get a co-worker to help you. If a co-worker is unavailable, contact the police.
  • If you feel threatened, call out to a co-worker. If you are working alone, pretend that a co-worker is in the back room.
  • If an employee is working alone, leave a TV or radio on in the office or back room to give the illusion that there is more than one person working.
  • Always check surroundings for suspicious vehicles and people.
  • Do money drops regularly and try to keep no more than $50 in the register, the lack of a big payoff can help lessen the chance of a robbery.
  • If there is more than one entrance to the business, lock all doors except for the main entrance during late hours.
  • Do not allow loiterers outside of your business. If they stay after you ask them to leave, call 911.
  • Make sure no one is in the bathroom or backroom for extended periods of time or at closing time. Keep the door to the stockroom locked at all times.
  • In the event of a robbery:
    • Comply with the suspect
    • Do not make sudden movements
    • Make mental notes of the suspect; such as physical description, clothing, mannerisms, what they touched while in store, vehicle, and direction of travel... just to mention a few.
    • Listen closely and try to remember everything the suspect says.
    • Lock the door after the suspect leaves.
    • Activate the alarm when possible.
    • Call 911 and report the incident immediately.
    • Do not reopen the store or let people in the store until police arrive, the crime scene needs to be preserved for detectives and forensic technicians. If a customer needs to leave, get their name and phone number to pass along to police.


Manger/Owner Safety Tips

  • Try to schedule two or more employees, especially during opening and closing shifts.
  • Have a drop box for money.
  • Vary the time and routine on making bank deposits and do not carry bank bags openly.
  • Review security tips and best practices with employees quarterly.
  • Invest in a good security system with a panic button. Have a monitoring service for the alarm system. Invest in, and keep in good working order, surveillance cameras. Go to for more information.
  • Keep doors and windows clear of signs and posters. Employees need to be able to see outside for their safety, and police need to be able to see inside in case of a robbery.
  • Make sure the outside areas, including parking lots, are well lit.
  • Put a sign on the door stating that large bills are not accepted and minimal amounts of cash are kept in the register.
  • Make sure the back door cannot be opened from the outside without a key.
  • Contact Crime Prevention at (910) 433-1033 or 433-1034 to schedule a business security survey.
  • Have a graduated height marker at the door.



Customer Safety

  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Look inside the business before entering. If you see an unsafe or suspicious situation, leave the business and call 911.
  • Do not leave your vehicle running.
  • In the event of a robbery:
    • Comply with the suspect.
    • Do not make sudden movements.
    • Call 911.
    • Make mental notes of the suspect, such as physical description, clothing, mannerisms, what he touched while in store, vehicle, and direction of travel... just to mention a few.
    • Listen closely and try to remember everything the suspect says.
    • Don't be a hero.
    • Stick around to provide information to police.
















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