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K-9 Presentation to Chief of

On Thursday, April 23rd, the Fayetteville Police Department will officially be presented with its newest addition to the K-9 unit.


K-9 Asta will be presented to Police Chief Tom Bergamine in an appreciation ceremony at 7:00 p.m., at Terry Sanford High School.


K-9 Asta comes to the Police Department as part of a senior project completed by Terry Sanford High School student, Megan Campbell. 


As a requirement in the Global Studies program at Terry Sanford, each student must complete a senior project.  For her project, in August of 2007, Megan Campbell decided to help train the replacement for K-9 Nikki, one of the elderly dogs on the Fayetteville Police Department.  On September 11th, 2007, K-9 Asta, a Belgian Malinois, arrived from Holland at only ten weeks old.  Megan worked alongside her father, K-9 Supervisor, Sergeant Tracy Campbell of the Fayetteville Police Department, in order to prepare the puppy for life as a police dog.


Immediately, socialization work began which included introducing the puppy to a variety of different environments.  Equipment and obedience training were introduced as well.  Gradually, as K-9 Asta got older, the work became more complicated and involved narcotics detection, aggression control, agility, article and building searches, and tracking and trailing. 


It is Megan’s hope that K-9 Asta will serve the local community for many, many years by recovering stolen property, detecting illegal substances, and finding missing children.


On Thursday evening, Megan will begin the event with a Powerpoint presentation highlighting K-9 Asta’s training.  K-9 Asta will then be introduced along with her trainer, Officer Merriman.  The ceremony will conclude with a plaque presented to Chief Tom Bergamine by Megan Campbell.

 MEDIA NOTE:  Members of the media are welcome to attend this ceremony.  Interviews will be conducted at the discretion of Megan and Sergeant Tracy Campbell.   



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