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Copper Thefts

Copper Thefts


The Fayetteville Police Department has noticed an increase in copper thefts in the downtown area, as well as at vacant properties throughout the city.  While the price of scrap copper has risen during the 1st quarter of 2011 in relation to this time last year, the Fayetteville Police Department would like to make the following advisories in regards to deterring potential targets of copper theft:


  • Do not allow your property to appear vulnerable.  With this in mind secure all foundation openings and crawl spaces with hasps and padlocks.
  • Do not store scrap metal on your property, in the open or in storage areas.  Remove them as soon as possible to prevent would be offenders from entering your property.
  • Consider surrounding air conditioning units with material that is bolted to the ground in concrete and also secured to the building.
  • Remove privacy fencing and large shrubbery from around the air conditioning unit; visibility is an important factor in the deterrence of crime.
  • Illuminate the air conditioning unit with motion censored lighting.  Be careful to only illuminate the unit, as you do not want a passerby's view to be obscured by lighting that renders a blinding effect.
  • Consider alarming the air conditioning unit.  Although this may not prevent the unit from being damaged, it may deter the theft.
  • Install security cameras in the area of the unit.  Be careful that the image is not distorted by the lighting around the unit.
  • Remove air conditioning units from vacant properties.
The Fayetteville Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit offers free business and residential security assessments.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Campbellton Crime Prevention Specialist Michele Lindo at (910) 433-1034 or Cross Creek Crime Prevention Specialist Kathleen Ruppert at (910) 433-1033.

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