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Anonymous Donor thanks Police

Thank You


            The Fayetteville Police Department would like to thank the public for their support. Many people have told officers in person, on websites, and through local media that they appreciate the hard work that police officers do and they want officers to continue keeping our neighborhoods safe.

            A good example of recent support came Monday morning when an unknown woman donated gift cards to police officers as a token of her appreciation. In total, she donated 400, $5 gift cards from 8 different restaurants. The total value of the cards is $2000. Here is a transcription of the note she attached with the cards.  


"Dear Fayetteville Police Officers-

Thank you for serving in a noble profession. I know you are real people under those uniforms, and I love you very much! Tough times seem to drag on forever; but stretch your eyes with great anticipation and look around the corner, brighter days are heading your way!

Have a fantastic day or night whenever you receive this-

With highest regards and tremendous appreciation from a Fayetteville citizen (who happens to be black)"


            The Fayetteville Police Department would like to thank the anonymous donor for her generosity and kind words and we would also like to thank everyone else who has shown their support for the department. Police Officers depend on the support of the public in fighting crime and improving the quality of life for citizens from all neighborhoods in the city.


            The Gift Cards will be distributed based on the departmental policy on gratuities.

note attached to giftgift cards stacked up


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