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Released: 6/14/2010 Who do I contact? Dan Grubb
Public Information Officer
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Police Searching for “Peeping Tom” Suspect

The Fayetteville Police Department is investigating a “Peeping Tom” incident that was reported on Winnabow Street on 06/05/2010 at 5:00am.


A resident reported that when she went outside to smoke a cigarette, she noticed someone on the side of the house. When she went back in to inform another person in the home, they looked outside a window and noticed a man staring in at them. The man attempted to enter the home unsuccessfully and then fled when he could not get inside.


            The Fayetteville Police Department will be conducting a walkdown in that area this Friday and want to remind citizens to observe these safety tips if you are concerned about such activity;

  • Check window coverings. Avoid uncovered windows, sheer curtains and loose blinds. Close blinds all the way and make sure they are not closed at the wrong angle as to allow visibility through them.
  • Check doors. Insure that there are no huge cracks around doorways that would allow someone to peer in through them. Be aware of frosted panels that have clear etchings on them that would allow someone to still see inside the home.
  • Check outside. Be careful to trim hedges and tall brush that make it easy for someone to hide behind out of view from you or your neighbors. Plants such as hawthorns, juniper, rose bushes or cactus make standing in or climbing more difficult. Install lights with motion detectors.
  • Report suspicious activity! Many times, citizens either fail to report suspicious activity to police and neighbors because they think the activity is insignificant or that you can’t call 911 to report such activity. This is not true. If you see it, report it!

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