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Police Offer General Crime Prevention Tips
  The Fayetteville Police Department’s Crime Prevention Specialists would like to offer the following public safety tips to help the general public avoid becoming a victim of breaking and entering crimes, which often increase during the summer months. Please observe the following questions regarding your property. For your home:
  • Are all doors locked at night and every time you leave the home?
  • Is there a Charlie bar on your glass sliding door?
  • Is your alarm set when you leave or set if you are in the home for the day?
  • Are there dark areas around your home during daylight hours? They will be darker at night.
  • Are shrubs and bushes trimmed so there is no place for someone to hide?
  • Do you turn on outside lighting at night?
  • Is your line of sight blocked by trees or shrubbery?
  • Is outdoor lighting adequate?
  • Do you have TVs, gaming consoles, computers or any other valuables in plain sight near a window or glass door?
  • Do you have proper window coverings to keep what is inside your home from plain sight to potential burglars?
  • Have you inscribed your electronics with an identifying number and inventoried your home including pictures and placed this information in a safe place?
  • Have you inventoried your purse/wallet and removed unnecessary identifying information (birth certificates, social security cards)?
  • Have you placed pad locks on sheds and outside access doors?

For your vehicle:

  • Are the doors locked and windows rolled up?
  • Are there any valuables (ipod/MP3, cell phone, GPS, money) left in plain sight inside the vehicle?
  • Are there packages in plain sight inside the vehicle?
  • Are there computer bags and/or book covers that could be mistaken for a purse?
  • Did you leave your vehicle running and unoccupied?
  • Did you leave your purse/wallet in the vehicle?
Remember to please report all Suspicious Activity to 911 as it is occurring, giving the most detailed information as possible.

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