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Police Caution Motorcycle Owners


Fayetteville Crime Prevention Specialists are warning citizens that motorcycle theft is on the rise in Fayetteville and offer the following safety tips to avoid becoming a victim of motorcycle theft:

·        Prevent temptation by keeping your bike covered when not in use, preferably in a garage if possible.·        Use a steering lock, even though these can be easily defeated, they act as your first line of defense. ·        Do not keep your lock rested on the ground to allow leverage to destroy the lock and always make sure it is attached through the frame. ·        Disc locks will prevent lifting into waiting truck or van. Consider adding a cable and anchor the bike to something strong and solid. ·        In addition to the lock that your bike comes with, consider using two additional, different locks. A thief will likely nor be prepared for breaking three total locks...all of which are different. ·        Install a kill-switch that must be pressed whenever the start button is depressed. You can even remove your main fuse when your bike is parked. ·        Write the numbers of your lock down and store it somewhere safe. Then file the numbers off your lock. Anyone can get a key cut to fit with a number. ·        Park in a well-lit area and consider putting an alarm sticker on your bike.  

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