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AN OVERVIEW: Violent Crime Trends Promising, Community Involvement Remains Vital

The Fayetteville Police Department is pleased to release the following information which shows a downward trend in violent crime statistics from January to June 2009 compared with January to June of 2010.


Based on these numbers, the department has enjoyed a 30% decrease in homicides, a 7.4% decrease in robberies, a 22% decrease in rapes and a 32.5% decrease in assaults over the same time frame in 2009. Collectively, the department, thus far, has seen a 7.8 % drop in Part I Crimes and a 23.1 % drop in violent crime. Please see attached stats for reference to this release.


Police believe the decrease is due in large part to the development of the Community Wellness Plan that was first presented by Chief Tom Bergamine in January 2009. The Plan placed a great deal of emphasis on the importance of community partnerships, citizen involvement, and inter-agency cooperation .


“We have seen a growing interest in citizens wanting to get involved and that certainly has had an affect on our numbers”, says Fayetteville Police Chief Tom Bergamine. “Just within the past couple months, citizens have taken the initiative to sign up for the free Nixle ( alert system and already we have arrested at least three criminals as a direct result of this interaction and community involvement. Keep in mind, it is not possible to have a police officer on every corner in the City but with citizens acting as our eyes and ears, we can be much more effective.”

 The department believes the downward crime trend can continue if citizens are cognizant of the following facts and suggested solutions: ·        12.5 % of business burglaries and 16.5 % of residential burglaries require no force by the offender - Lock your doors and / or windows. ·        30 % of motor vehicle break-ins require no force by the offender  - Lock your doors, roll up your windows, do not leave items of interest in plain view, utilize your car alarm (if equipped), utilize garage (if accessible), park in a well-lit area. 

·        83 % of robberies occur against an individual, not a business  - Be aware of your surroundings, travel in groups, avoid areas / businesses that have a history of alcohol / drug related incidents.


Other pertinent facts:


·        History shows that 98% - 99% of all residential / business alarms are false alarms. As a result, officers spend a great amount of time responding to "false alarms."  


·        A large quantity of criminal activity can be attributed to “lifestyle crimes,” which typically involves perpetrators and/or victims committing a crime or becoming a victim of a crime while trying to support their alcohol and /or drug habit.

 The Fayetteville Police Department wants to thank the City team (all departments), local residents, other local law enforcement agencies, community partners, advocates, the media and many others who have taken up the cause of community policing for their support and vigilance as it relates to community policing and hopes that the data provided in this overview will motivate more of the same.

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