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Released: 8/17/2010 Who do I contact? Dan Grubb
Public Information Officer
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Police Excited About Increased Community Participation



             The Fayetteville Police Department, already enjoying a ten-year low crime trend, is hoping for future success similar to last week’s Briarwood/Clairway Community Watch Group—a group only active since June--which attracted an estimated crowd of 300 people on 8/12/2010.

            “When I pulled into the Westminster Presbyterian Church (where the meeting was held), there was no place to park,” said Rachel Draughon, Crime Prevention Specialist for the Fayetteville Police Department. “The response was so overwhelming by those ready and willing to help us fight crime in this community, there weren’t enough seats and people were standing in the hallways.”


             Community policing is one of the main staples in Chief Tom Bergamine’s Community Wellness Plan, which has included the citizen-interactive and highly successful FPD BLUELIGHT SPECIAL feature and the rapidly growing subscriber campaign.


            Every suspect highlighted in the FPD BLUELIGHT SPECIAL has been captured at a 100% rate in time frames ranging from thirty minutes to ten days and in one case, the mother of a suspect called police to ask that her son’s information be taken down because of the public response to the alert. Within the last few days, it has come to light that bail bondsmen have also begun subscribing to and at least two arrests have been made as a result of within the past 72 hours alone.


           “It is time for police, the community, the media and everyone with a vested interest to go on the offensive against the few who make it bad for the many and put a little pressure on these folks,” said Police Chief Tom Bergamine. “Numbers don’t lie. We had 300 people show up for this brand new community watch group and I think they are making a statement to these repeat offenders who get out of jail to commit more crime.”


            A Community Crime Meeting is scheduled for tonight at 6pm at the Calvary Bible Church at 1769 Bingham Drive in Zone 21, an area that has had multiple peeping incidents within the past few days. Attending tonight’s meeting will be Police Chief Tom Bergamine, Assistant Chief Phil Cannady, Cross Creek District Captain Anthony Kelly, Police Public Information Officer Dan Grubb and Police Foundation Executive Director Robert Grover. All will be available for comments or questions.


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